Dance Program Specialties

Dance Program Specialties


Ballet is the theatrical presentation of a narrative reliant on graceful, methodical and expressive body movements, usually enhanced by costumes and makeup.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing usually involves a large group in a large hall or auditorium. Ballroom dances have included the jitterbug, waltz, swing and tango.

Dance Health

Dance physicians are focused on the care, diagnosis and treatment of the functions, organs and systems involved in dancing and their related conditions.

Dance History

The study of the history of dance and all its many forms and the mutually inspiring relationship it has had with human cultures.

Dance Technology

Dance technology explores the interactions between humans and machines.

Dance Therapy

Movement, or dance therapy uses movement as a process of treating individuals with psychological, social and physical problems.

Disabled Dancing

People with disabilities can also enjoy physical expression through activities such as wheelchair dancing.

Disco Dancing

Disco is a popular dance accentuated by heavy bass lines and repetitive rhythms.

Folk Dancing

Folk dancing is usually associated with national or local heritage.

Irish Step Dance

Traditional Irish Step Dancing is a dance that employs rigorous footwork and limited arm movement.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is simply a dance to jazz music, mostly big band and swing, but also may include popular music, rock, blues and show music.

Modern Dance

Dance music is quite subjective and relies heavily on the interpretation of the dancer. Modern is a very personal expression that is mainly motivated by a way of feeling and thinking.

Swing Dance

Swing music encompasses a wide variety of dances and seems to defy an agreeable and pure definition. These dances include the Lindy Hop, Shag, Jitterbug, Bop and Jive.


Tap is a step dance that involves body movements coupled with audible foot tapping through the use of shoes with hardened souls or installed taps.

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